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CV False Start 1 by kytri CV False Start 1 by kytri
So I'd been working on the general idea for Cuanta Vida for some time before I actually started it, I think this was drawn a few months before the first page was posted. I found this whilst looking for some of the originals today.

Basically I tried a few different things before starting the comic the way we know it now, it was ugly and had shitty crosshatching. It was originally supposed to be colored as well.
purplenekomata Jun 20, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That nose. So small. D:

Uhm... But those hands in the first panel, oh yes. :drool:
I suck at cross hatching too, its hard to do right.
Some reason that "watch your step" sign amuses me :XD:
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